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Goldilocks Promos is proud to specialize in employee recognition award programs. Did you know the number one reason employees leave a job is because they don’t feel appreciated? With this in mind, we strive to take the hassle out of ways to show employees they are recognized.


Laser engraved plaques and awards are a perfect way to recognize achievements in the workplace such as meeting sales goals, service anniversaries, and safety milestones. These can be recognized in the form of perpetual plaques, award plaques, glass or acrylic awards, or personalized gifts such as desk clocks and pen cases.


Why should I recognize my employees?

I LOVE my Job

Studies have consistently shown recognition and meaningful work to be stronger motivators than compensation. Lack of motivation and engagement causes high employee turnover which is extremely costly to companies due to the price of recruiting, hiring, and training replacements.

Besides the financial cost to high turnover in employees is the emotional cost that morale takes. Recognition programs have consistently been shown to increase productivity, increase profitability, retain top talent, and increase employee motivation.

After all, a happy employee is shown to be a productive employee. Therefore, it’s important to call us up and start a program for your employees today!


How do I start a recognition program?

Goldilocks Promos will be able to take the stress out of starting a new program for employers. These programs can easily be implemented for companies of various sizes in many industries on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. If you are interested in recognizing your employees accomplishments and milestones, Goldilocks Promos will be able to find a program that is just right for your company.

By offering in house laser engraving, we can turn around awards fast for your employees. So for example, if Andrew wanted to create a Best Partner of the Week Plaque and engrave Alex’s name on each plate every week, he could easily get that done. We offer awards in every budget for every size company. Don’t skimp. In addition, we have no minimums on laser engraving whether you need 1 award or 100 awards. Awards are a great companion to other recognition ideas. Pair up a plaque with a gift card. Or a trophy with a “Thank you.” There are endless ways to tell your employees they rock.

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