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Goldilocks Promos opened in October of 2019. A great way to get our name out there and meet lots of people is to attend local expo’s or trade shows in the Capital Region. You really don’t realize how many there are until you start doing one (if not two) every weekend. Good thing there are two of us so we can split up or go to different expo’s altogether.

Now we are aware that at these expo’s or trade shows, there is usually a no soliciting rule. Most people who don’t want to be bothered just brush us off, ok no big deal, you get used to that quite quickly and learn not to take it personally. But lots of people are genuine and we have gotten sales from doing this. There was only one woman one time who warned me of soliciting. She was really busy reading a newspaper and apparently did not appreciate me coming over and disturbing her.

What Not To Do

Since we have been to so many, we have noticed lots of mistakes that people are doing. The first is that you aren’t being engaging enough. I know from personal experience that it’s very tiring doing these events. You have to get there and setup and then be “on” for hours and even days on end. As an introvert, that really takes it out of me. Even though it’s out of my comfort zone, I know I have to push myself to talk to everyone. There is no point paying for an expensive booth to wait for people to come to you. I have seen people sitting on their phones not engaging at all and guess what? No people were at their booth. Do not be afraid to make eye contact and strike up a convo and even better, hustle to get people over.

The other thing we see a lot is not having proper signage. And trust me when I say I know these things can add up. We are a startup ourselves however not having basic signage is going to make you look very unprofessional. At the very least, you should have a retractable banner, tablecloth, and business cards at your table. And then as you grow, also grow your booth signage. Shop for signage here!

Giveaways are also important. I hear so many people say “yes, we need promotional products because everyone else here has them and we have nothing.” Don’t be the boring business that doesn’t have anything to give out. People love free stuff and they hold onto it. Get something inexpensive and branded so people will remember you. Shop for giveaways here!

Give us a call to plan ahead to your next event. And if this came at you really quick and lost track of time, do not fret, we hear it all of the time and there is also something we can do! Good Luck!

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